Affordable Dentistry in Germany. Dentist in London. Dental Implant Prices

Affordable Dentistry in Germany. Dentist in London. Dental Implant Prices


If you compare the prices of dentists in London or the pricelist of implant surgeons in the UK,

you will immediately notice, that you can easy have a great vacation in the tropics or a brandnew

car for this amount of money. As Germany is well known for  excellent medical treatments, knowledge

and latest technology, why not compare your estimate from London or other parts of the UK and Ireland

with the price list of German dental-clinics, surgeons and our professional German dentists from CAD-G ( Center for affordable dentistry in Germany )?

CAD-G Implants  include dentistry, surgery and lab-works and are available from 1400 GBP. In London you can easily pay

3.000 GBP and even more. German dentists offer to check your panoramic x-ray for free and if you receive an estimate, you

will never find hidden fees or additional treatments. Many airlines are serving Hamburg, Lubeck, Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt and other German cities from London, Manchester, Stansted and so on. Just check the internet.

If you are interested to learn more about our German CAD-G cooperation, feel free to send your request to or ask for a free callback-service.

If you want to talk to us by phone: 0049 451 7907041 during our office hours from 9 am to 3 p.m.

Immediate loaded imlants, metal free dentistry or even metal free Zirconium implants are common in

a dental-practice in Germany. Dental Tourism to Germany. Just Cruise´n Smile !

Dental Center Lubeck – Germany

Breite Strasse 95/97 – 23552 Lubeck

Internet: Dental Implants

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