Dental tourism to Germany. Affordable dentistry and dental Implants you can rely on

Dental tourism to Germany.   Affordable dentistry and German Dental Implants you can rely on.



If you read about immediate loaded implants, 3D computer guided implantation or metal free dentistry, you will notice, that most of this technologies are invented in Germany. German dentists are highly skilled and well known for dental treatments on the highest level. Many dental clinics and implant practices offer German technologies and promote their treatments by ” Made in Germany ” or German knowledge and material. We are very proud about this opinion.  We even offer  metal free Zirkonium implants since more than six years.

In may we open our CAD-G office for affordable dental implants in London. Will will love to assist you to find the best available dentist for your problem.


This is the main reason, more and more patients are using ” Cruise´n Smile “, dental tourism to Germany.  You will be surprised, that the prices for dental treatment in Germany are much cheaper, than in other European countries, like the UK, Irleand, Scandinavia. Especially dental implants, veneers, Zirkonium crowns and bridges, bone grafting or sinus-lift.  In any case it makes sense to compare your price for dental treatment. A price comparison is a must to save your money.

CAD – G ( Centers for Affordable Dentistry in Germany ) are available in cities like Berlin ( Implants ), Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich and Luebeck. All in all 34  locations and more than 50 dentists. CAD-G is always on your side to keep the price at an affordable level. The initial examination is free of any charge. You just have to pay 50.- EUR for a panoramic x-ray. If you agree with the treatment plan, you will receive a detailed written estimate. There will be nothing to pay in advance.

Dental implants are available from 1.700.- EUR all included. There are no hidden fees!

Immediate loaded ceramic implants with  a metal free crown are 2.100.- EUR each.

A professional cleaning of one hour is 85.- EUR, airflow included.


More prices or a pricelist is available on request. You can call us during our office hours from Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If interested, please use our free call-back-service and send your phone-number by e-mail.


Zahnzentrum Luebeck GmbH – Dental Center in Germany  


Breite Strasse 95/97 – 23552 Luebeck

Phone: 0049  451 7907041  – E-Mail:  Internet:



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