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Many dentists rely on the excellent quality of porcelain inlays.

Porcelain inlays are fillings that are tailored to fit the teeth of the patient. These are made in a dental lab by a dental technician.  The dentist first makes an impression of the damaged tooth, sends this impression to the dental lab where a technician makes the inlays to the specification of the impression. Porcelain inlays are most often used to fill holes in the back teeth. Dentists  value the inlays for their stability. With porcelain inlays teeth can look more normal than with conventional fillings.  Similar in color to teeth, porcelain inlays have an aesthetic value to patients.

Porcelain inlays are attached by dentists with a special adhesive. The remaining healthy tooth structure is not affected by this.  Porcelain inlays are durable and deform little during chewing. Dentists say that the use of these inlays returns parts of its originality to the tooth.

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