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Centers for affordable dentistry in Germany – CAD-G

Implant dentistry in Germany, holistic dentists and metal free crowns and bridges are hard to be found by Internet. In many cases, the price for this kind of dental solutions is very expensive. CAD-G dentists are available in  12 German cities. From the German capital Berlin,  Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt and even in smaller cities like Moenchengladbach, Luebeck, Giessen or Bonn. For example Juergen Ranft, dentist for dental implants in Berlin.

German technology is well known worldwide. Immediate loaded implants ( Teeth in an hour / One day Implants ) can make your dreams of fixed permanent crowns and bridges come true in a very short time. Holistic dentistry in Germany means even metal free implants, made in Zirkonia. You can choose between non-precious alloys, precious alloys, cad-cam milled Zirkonia and Titanium.

If you suffer with tooth – ache, bleeding gums and loose dentures, why not travel to Germany for a long lasting solution?

CAD-G dentists and implant surgeon are highly skilled in Germany. German master laboratories offer a wide range of techniques.

Dental tourism to Germany is a perfect decision for reliable dental treatment, latest material and technology and natural estetic results.

Implants are available all included from 1.400.- EUR, a business cleaning from 50.- EUR including AIR-FLOW, CEREC fillings from 290.- EUR and even complete restorations and Hoollywood-Veneers are much more affordable, than in the US, the UK or Scandinavia.

Feel free to ask for a price comparison, a free first consultation or an idea of a solution of your special  problem.

CAD-G – Denatl tourism to Germany.  Dentistry you can rely on.


CAD-G Office London or Dental Centers in Germany

Cad -G Luebeck – Germany  – Dental Center

Breite Strasse 95/97

23552 Luebeck – Northern Germany

Phone: 0049 ( 0 ) 451 7907041



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