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Dental and Surgical Instruments and Impression Trays Germany – Implant Sinus Lift

Dental surgery instruments Germany


If you are searching for affordable dental or surgical instruments for dentistry or implant surgery in Germany, do not look any further.

We offer a wide range of impression trays and sinus lift instruments from bone-mill to bone-spreader. All instruments are made in surgical stainless steel in highes quality. The instruments are under the German Medical Law, class I and wear the CE mark. Try our tweezers in different shape and design, many scissors with TC ( Tungsten Carbid ) from Kelly, La Grange to needle holders and Castroviejo micro scissors.

If you are a dental technician or owner of a dental laboratory, check out our well known sets of dental instruments from caliper, wax knifes, P.K.Thomas instruments or lab pliers from three prong plier to different side cutters.

If you are an orthodontic dentist or searching for orthodontic pliers, rubber dam forceps, clamps and frames please have a closer look to our orthodontic instruments.

Feel free to ask for English information about ourquality management and ISO 13485.

Check our dental probes, Heidemann Spatula, Ball Burnisher or aspirating syringes. Our impression trays last very long, as they are also produced in stainless steel. All sizes of impression trays are in  stock, even kid sizes, like XXS in premium quality.

For your choice of stainless steel wash strays we offer different sizes and design.



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