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Dentists in Germany: Comparisons for implants and dentures from 34 cities in Germany

Compare Prices for Prostheses and Implants in Germany

Here are price comparisons for implants and dentures from 34 cities in Germany. Here is information about the range of available implants, the range of prices for the different options including affordable and less expensive products, and a list of technically competent dental professionals. It is widely known how expensive dentures and implants may be. In almost every practice, financing plans from banks and credit agencies are offered to help cover costs of dental treatment. This we know for sure. However, what we do not know is what are the best terms we can get for the the services we need.

This Internet platform AGbZ – Association of Affordable Dentures – offers patients the opportunity for greater transparency and competition in the dental industry. In Germany, we have the right to a free choice of doctor. In other words, with the comparative information available in all areas of dentistry, the opportunity for a second opinion is available to all. Metal-free restorations, laser treatments, computer-navigated implants – all these treatments are not inexpensive. And the prices, depending on the practice, can vary up to 60 percent. Implants can range from 999 euros to 2,500 euros; CEREC ceramic inlays from 290 euros to 650 euros. Even the prices for dental cleaning or teeth whitening can vary enormously. This is the reason why we are online. To provide you with important information so that you can make the best choices in your treatment.

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