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Gums – Treatment for Bleeding and Inflammation by Dentists in Giessen

Giessen dentists provide professional treatment for gum problems. Inflammation of the gums is usually caused by invading bacteria from the lack of oral hygiene and prophylactic treatment. The inflammation presents with swelling, bleeding and pain, at which point there is no choice but to seek treatment.

 From their day-to-day practice, Giessen dentists have extensive experience in treating gum disease. Failure to seek immediate treatment can lead to acute damage in the periodontal ligament resulting in loose teeth that fall out. Prompt treatment of the inflammation promotes faster healing. If, however, the inflammation fails to heal, there are other factors, such as insufficient hormones, that may be contributing to the inflammation. With their experience, Giessen dentists will resolve the inflammation with the appropriate treatment and medication.

Treatment of the inflammation begins with the removal of plaque and calculus. To prevent bacterial contamination, a mouthwash is prescribed to improve the oral flora significantly. The procedures are nothing to be afraid of. And daily oral hygiene and regular dental care will restore oral health and prevent the need for further treatment.


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