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German Dental Lab offers Dental Implant Tourism to Germany

For people, who are interested in the best available solution a German dental laboratory offers Implant Tourism to Germany. Some go for the cheapest price, some for long term guaranty, best available implant systems, longest experience or for the latest implant technology. If you are interested in immediate loaded implanst, 3D navigated implantation, all on four, or all on six implant solutions or an English speaking dentist in Germany, just call or send a mail to learn more about “Cruise and Smile” and “CAD-G”, centers for affordable dentistry in Germany

The price is for sure an important peace of the puzzle for your picture perfect teeth, but reliability and experience is the other side of the medal. Thje difference between cheap and trash is very often not visible. A cooperation  with German implant surgeons means also a large addition of safety and comfort.

32 dentists in Germany are members of the CAD-G implant tourism to Germany. You can choose a city, like Berlin, Munich or Hamburg abnd we can recommend a dentist, specialized in the need field of dentistry.


Hanseatische Zahn Manufaktur – Dental Center in Lubeck – Germany

Breite Strasse 95/97 – 23552 Lübeck

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