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Dental Tourism to Germany

Affordable German Dentistry and Dental Implants you can rely on

About six years ago, we noticed, that people from several countries visited our English website,
to read about German technologies, latest dental implant treatment, metal free Zirconium solutions.
Prices for dental treatment, restorative dentistry, implants should be compared. Everybody is able to use
the internet to find information for save decisions. Many dental companies are providing professional help and assistance for free.
Countries like Poland, Hungary, Russia are advertising dental tourism since years. But very often the prices appear inexpensive,
but technology, treatment and material can vary.
How can you notice the difference?

We offer  a wider range of solutions in Germany, comparing to other countries and even much more inexpensive.
The biggest price difference was in the UK, Scandinavia, France and  especially Norway.
Some surgeons ask for 3.000.- EUR for one implant with crown. Our CAD-G dentist for implants in Berlin is charging 1.400.- EUR only. All inclusive!
CEREC full ceramic fillings are offered between 290.- EUR and 610.- EUR for the same treatment and technology.
Power Bleaching can be done for 990.- EUR or just 240.- EUR. We really recommend to compare, before you sign any contract.
Try to srew down the price, if you receive more implants. You should shop around and compare guarantee and reliability.
Ask your dentist for references and talk to other patients on special websites, a dental forum or dentistry blogs.
Do not believe, that Poland or Hungary are cheaper. Add flights, additional consultations, accommodation and hidden fees.
We compared many prices for dental implants, root canal treatment, augmentation, sinus lift, crowns, bridges and dentures.

2005 we decided to offer  dental tourism to Germany, called Cruise´n Smile.

Very soon, many people came over by Ryan Air from Scotland , Ireland and the UK, but also from the US,
Italy, Spain and even India and Russia. For Scandinavian people it was very easy to come to Luebeck either by ship or car.
This people know about the reliability of German work, the know-how, education and technology.
When they notice our services and the personal touch, they are really surprised and appreciate this very much.
In February 2010 we will open our CAD-G  LONDON OFFICE  with Brenda our ” communicator “, who ist able to give the initial information about our CAD-G network.
This CAD-G agency will give reliable information to those, who are interested to save money or just to receive the new smile made in Germany.
As Brenda is  professional practice manager in the dental field, it will be easy for her to realize very soon, what the patient needs.
Implants, root canal treatment, bleaching, crowns or bridges, dental fear treatment, holistic dentistry, metal free solutions and so on.
As we offer immediate loaded implants ( One Day Implants / Teeth in an Hour ) since years, the patients are interested to receive the fixed crowns and bridges without
waiting 3 to 6 months with a loose temporary denture until they receive the permanent solution. Metal free CAD/CAM technology like CEREC and PROCERA is an affordable
standard for metal free dentistry.

Remember CAD-G ,  34 centers for affordable dentistry in Germany the brand for reliable German dentistry and implant surgery.
Immediate loaded implants in Zirkonia or Titanium are a reason to travel to Germany, especially, if they are available from 1.700.- EUR all included.
A professional cleaning is available from 50.- EUR, a CEREC ceramic filling from 290.- EUR and a regular implant all included from 1.400.- EUR.
We charge 2.000.- EUR for MDI mini implants including a new individual denture in the lower jaw and the patient has the choice between our lab-works
from our German master labs in Luebeck or Singapur. A crown with full ceramic cover is available from 120.- EUR.
Let us book the hotel, arrange the transfers from the airports and communicate with the doctors. If there are special
wishes, dreams or individual challenges, we will try hard to realize anything possible and offer an extended guarantee and after sales services.
We are looking forward to meet you in one of our CAD-G offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Luebeck or 29 other German cities.
If you need additional information, just call us, ask for our CallBack-Service  or send a mail

Office Germany: 0049 451 7907041
Dental Center Luebeck – CAD-G NORTH
Breite Strasse 95/97
23552 Lübeck

Best regards from Luebeck
Heino Merten