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Affordable and immediate loaded dental implants in Germany

Affordable and immediate loaded dental implants in Germany – German Dentistry you can rely on.


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Many people, who suffer with loose dentures, dream about permanent and fixed full ceramic bridges. Normally you have to wait three to six month, before you can place crowns or bridges on implants after healing. With German technology and latest implant brands, our implants are using 3D diagnostic and CT-scan.

This treatment is called NobelGuide ( Nobel Biocare ) or Simplant / Codiagnostics. Much more safety for either dentist, implant surgeon and patient.

Immediately after implantation, you will receive temporary crowns and bridges in the color shade of your choice. No more need for a denture directly after the implants are placed. Germany is well known for highest technical and medical standards. Precious, highly recommended, reliable and long lasting.

German dentists, implant surgeon and dental laboratories are highly skilled and educated. If you visit a German master dental lab, you will recognize the difference in a very short moment. CAD/CAM milling machines, laser, Zirkonium frames and certified labs are only some of the reasons to choose a dental treatment in Germany.

Dental tourism to Poland, implant treatment in Hungary or lab-works in the Philippines, Turkey, China and Malaysia are an option for unexpensive solutions. A dental lab in Germany is a guarantee for long lasting and artificial, natural looking theeth. Little copies of natural teeth.

Implants in Germany all included are available from 1.400.- EUR . There are no hidden fees. If the situation is more difficult and you need a bone grafting or sinus-lift, make sure, that your dentist has a long experience and ask for recommendations. CEREC full ceramic inlays and fillings from 290.- EUR.

If you have additional question regarding immediate loaded implants, metal free holistic dentistry or MDI Mini Implants just call us or send your mail request.


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