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Trittau Dentists Recommend Metal-Free Restorations

A beautiful smile and healthy teeth are enchanting.  However, teeth do age and do, at some point, reach their expiration date!

The solution to this problem are prostheses.  Trittau dentists specialize in the treatment.  And to avoid any allergies or reactions, they recommend metal-free dentures and implants in Trittau. The days of metal dentures and the negative reactions they cause are over, once and for all.  Modern dentistry has advanced by leaps and bounds to make available healthier options.  Dentists in Trittau  can advise you of the many options available to you.

For bleeding gums dentists in Germany can offer you the best options beginning with professional cleaning to remove harmful bacteria. Find your dentist as soon as possible to oprevent the problem from worsening.

Dental surgery can also be performed in Trittau under general anesthesia. Procedures for mini implants can be done without invasive surgery on the jaws.  Mini implants can be good for small gaps and can be implanted immediately.  At an age when the quality of life and health is very important, mini implants provide a safe feeling when talking, laughing or eating.

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