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Dental Implants in Germany – German Dentist

Our country Germany is well known for reliable dentistry and state of the art  German implant treatment.  Dental implants are used since 1965. As more and more patients decide to have fixed permanent teeth instead of removable  dentures, the prices went down in Germany. CAD-G dentists are offering dental implants from 1.800.- EUR all included.

The lastest medical technology and implant treatment is the so colled immediate loaded implantation. The little implants are placed without cuts, blood or flaps by laser. The treatment takes a short time, comparing with regular implants and you can receive fixed crowns or bridges direct after the placement of your implants. Some people’s oral health issues until now could not be solved, either due to the specific issue or because of prohibitive cost. But, now, for people with compromised teeth there is a solution, less costly and less time-consuming than the most radical technology previously available . One Day Implants.  The crucial point: You just need one visit!

The German cosmetic dentist and implant surgeon Dr., Harry Fritz offers a new treatment called “Teeth In One Day” or “All-On-Four / All on Six since many year. He was a teacher of the Nobel Biocare ROADSHOW.

Normally an implantation requires a multitude of appointments, months of healing and potential problems that may lead to bone and sinus grafting. There is also the option of having dentures connected to two or four implants. That is less expensive than full-mouth implants, but the dentures still have to be removed for hygiene purposes.”

Immediate Loaded Implants in Germany –    No more dental fear / dental anxiety
Your Implant solution ” One Day Implants ” in ONE VISIT only.

The  new technology is basically a combination of two systems: a CT scan guide ( Nobel Biocare / Simplant / Codiagnostics  that allows to place an implant without even opening the gum and there is no need for any suture.

With the Teeth-In-One-Day technology in Germany the CT scan fully recreates a three-dimensional surgical site and, using a special software (CAD) and computer-assisted-manufacturing (CAM) technology, Dr. Peter Gerstenberg can develop a precise computerized surgical guide and, because the exact location of the placement of the four implants is known, the fixed bridge can be created in advance. All of the work is done in one visit. We call it: Computer navigated implantation. Much more safety either for the German dentist and surgeon or patient.

Dr. Harry Fritzand his team are treating foreign customes since long years. The team takes more time and is at your side through every part of the process. They try hard to make you feel comfortable and confident. Immediate loaded implants in Germany are a perfect way to get back your perfect smile. Forget your denture. It´s time to change.

For additional information, contact Heino Merten and his CAD-G cooperation in Germany and Switzerland  or Brenda in London. German dentist and implant surgeons in 34 German cities.

While even the mere thought of undergoing a dental procedure can cause anxiety for many people, cosmetic dentistry doesn’t need to be a stressful experience.  In fact, Dr. Gerstenberg  offers a variety of forms of sedation dentistry so that patients can receive the treatment they want or require without any unnecessary anxiety or discomfort.