Smile competition on Facebook in Germany. A smile always wins…

Germany: A smile competition on Facebook is a great idea.

A contest, where you need nothing else than your smile…

Especially if you can win money, an ICE WATCH or other prices, just with your best available smile.

You just have to upload a foto of your brighest smile ever and tell your friends to vote for you. Easy and funny idea.

Dental Center Germany is running this contest in Lubeck, northern Germany. In 2009 and 2010, more than 600 people took part and more than 350.000  visited the websites of this German dental laboratory. It´s not a must to be a super model. It´s a must to have a face and a smile. Just be you!!!

Load up your photo ( jpg-file ) here: Germany´s  Super-Smile – the brand new FACEBOOK smiling contest.

This year, the focus of the management is on the social networks.  More than 100 dentists in Germany, from Munich to Hamburg, from Berlin to Frankfurt are cooperating with this spezialized implant-laboratory in Germany . They offer Hollywood-Smiles, like Veneers and metal free Zirkcomium crowns and bridges and with their CAD-G dentist network, the customers can even choose a German dentist or implant clinic in a German city of their choice.

All nations are welcome to this multinational smile event. Just fill out the form, load up your smile and let your friends vote for you.

With a perfect smile, you will always win…

Best regards and a warm smile from northern Germany.

More information:

Dental Center Lubeck – Zahnzentrum Luebeck GmbH

Breite Strasse 95/97 – 23552 Luebeck – Germany

Phone: 0049 451 7907041 – Mal

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